Desktop and Mobile Apps

Desktop Programs

Writefit Software programs help individuals navigate the Internet, safeguard information, track investments and manage time. Programs are simple and easy-to-use. Store web addresses to accelerate web surfing. Protect personal information like passwords, PINs and credit card numbers. Track investments and consolidate account balances. Manage key deadlines. Data can be sent to mobile devices and transferred across corporate networks.

Writefit Software programs are desktop applications designed for personal computers running Microsoft Windows 10, and are optimized for MS Internet Explorer. All four programs including Web Address Book, Data Confidential, ChequeWealth and TimeWatch are packaged into a single suite.


Download a free copy of the Writefit Software Suite for your PC or laptop. When prompted by your Browser select SAVE, then locate and run the downloaded installation file from your computer.

Mobile Phone App

Writefit News Finder is a simple utility that provides easy access to the latest online News. News Finder links to a broad selection of well known, external news sites, RSS feeds and enables users to search for specific news topics. News Finder makes accessing news quick and easy.


Install a free copy of Writefit News Finder from Google Play Store for your Android phone or tablet.


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